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Packaging has many benefits, including product protection, safety, improve product handling, communicate product and brand information. But unfortunately, packaging has come to represent a negative aspect of our everyday life.


This negative representation comes from the amount of packaging that is discharged into the environment.


To solve this problem. We have to migrate from a lineal and recycle model for packaging into a circular economy. And here is where we can help you.


At Vale Packaging, we have the circular economy in mind when we design and manufacture your packaging; from our careful selection of materials to our conscious design for minimal carbon footprint and zero-waste manufacturing, we are here to help you reach your sustainability goals by caring of your needs and our planet.


At Vale, innovation is one of our core values. We designed an in-house heat capturing system. Basically, we are heating our building with the heat produced by our machines and we are burning 80% less fossil fuel compared to not having our system. Removing a major portion of our carbon footprint and still keeping us warm.


We have started tracking our energy efficiency and how much energy it takes us to produce packages. This is the first step to looking for more ways to reduce energy utilization, from improvements in our maintenance programs to machine replacement programs.


We made a conscious decision to work only with recyclable and bio-degradable plastics, so 100% of our materials are friendly to our planet


When it comes to plastic recycling, PET is the king of the circular economy; at Vale, we try to use PET as our recycle plastic of choice (>80% PET)


We are on our Journey to ZERO.

o Zero Injuries, keeping our workers safe

o Zero use of non-recyclable or biodegradable Materials. Only environmentally friendly materials

o Zero discharge of scrap material. All our scrap is recycled.

In a nutshell, our customers can see that we walk the talk, we are fully committed to decreasing as much as possible the environmental impact of our product and hence your products, we are together in the journey to protect our planet.

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