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4Rs of the Circular Economy

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

To be able to realize a circular economy for packaging, four circular strategies are critical to benefit from the advantages of plastic packaging while mitigating negative impacts on our ecosystem

Re-Design: Look at redefining the relationship between your packaging product and the environment. So instead of the classical view of packaging as a value-added to your product, here at Vale, we look at packaging as value added to your product and mitigation of negative repercussions to the environment and ultimately the complete minimization of environmental impact. Re-design feeds from the other three strategies.

Reduce: Reducing the amount of material used is critical to decreasing waste. Here at Vale, our designers work with you to ensure that the package hits your goals while minimizing the amount of material; this ultimately will decrease the cost of production, waste generation, and general carbon footprint.

Recycle: Ultimately, due to the importance of plastic in our supply chain, we will not be able to eliminate it in the near future, and thus in a Circular Economy, recycling is the only acceptable scenario for end-of-life. Our designers work with recyclability in mind, ensuring that the package you use can enter recycling facilities without being discharged.

Reuse: Circular economy cannot be reached if we do not look for avenues where recycled material can have another productive life. We try to incorporate reuse material as much as possible in our packaging design.

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