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Why buying local and buying at Vale Packaging is the way to go.

There are multiple reasons why buying local packaging solutions for your products is the best way to go.

For starters buying within North America is friendly with the environment. It reduces the environmental footprint caused by overseas shipments. Additionally, you can be sure that at Vale Packaging, we are doing our part to contribute to a cleaner environment for our generation and generations to come.

Buying locally also strengthens our supply chains. This means we will have a more reliable and resilient supply chain and ultimately better pricing for you and the certainty that you will have the products when you need them by avoiding many of the issues that plagued the global supply chains.

Buying locally boosts our economy, jobs remain in our communities, and more significant investments can be made in technology. All of this leads to a more vibrant society and drives the creation of entrepreneurial hubs.

Additionally, when you buy at Vale, you are also buying into our values, commitment to quality, safer working conditions, environmental protection, excellent service, and a dependable partner.

So when you buy from us, you are not just getting a better solution for your needs but also contributing to the betterment of our community and environment.

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